My Most Authentic Self

Well, my baby is finally finished! I've been working on, tweaking and re-tweaking this bad boy for weeks and I'm so thrilled with the way it turned out. I have to give a huge shoutout to Squarespace for making their website building so incredibly user friendly. 

So, one way or another you've landed on my page and I'm so thrilled you are here! Please look around and explore, but before you do I'll just take this quick opportunity to introduce myself and my business a little more thoroughly. 

My interest in photography goes back to when I was a little girl. My father was a hobbyist that mostly shot car racing and action photos, and of course the annual family vacation and various weekend/day trips we would take. Sometimes he would let me take a few shots as well and ever since I felt the weight of that heavy-duty Minolta film camera, I was hooked. I have since been blessed to inherit it from him and still love toying around with it every now and again. 

Flash forward to high school and I was more than excited to take photography classes as my art electives. It was amazing. We got to go on field trips to shoot, develop our own negatives and then make our own enlargements in the dark room. I swear I can still smell those unmistakable chemicals now. When the time came to start thinking about college, I knew I wanted to go to art school and become a fashion photographer. Well, life happened and things did not work out that way, but no hard feelings. Everything happens for a reason and I instead found myself graduating from a much more affordable school with a degree Early Childhood Education and fulfilling another passion of mine...working with children. 

While I was teaching I eventually got back around to picking my camera up again and decided to pursue something more with it. It's been years in the making and lots of learning, growing and hard work, but I am finally confident that it is the right time to embark on this journey and start living what I feel is my most authentic self and purpose. After all, they say that the things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling. So I'm answering mine.

So that's about me as a photographer. Now here's a few random bits of information about the person:

  • I was blessed last December to fulfil another life purpose of mine when I gave birth to my amazing and beautiful daughter, Sofia. She is the light of my life and although a it's a bit cliche, she has already made me such a better person. 
  • I am originally an American who married her dream Canadian boy and immigrated to Canada to build our family here which is why I am in Toronto now. 
  • I've lived a few different places in my life. I was born and raised in Chicago, moved to Atlanta when I was 20, then lived in Vancouver with my husband for a short time before he was transferred back to Toronto. I've left a little piece of my heart in each place I've been. Vacations included.
  • I LOVE to travel, but don't get to nearly as much as I'd like. I'm hoping that will change soon though. I love everything about visiting someplace new...waking up in unfamiliar surroundings, the culture, the people, the food, the way you lose track of time and forget about everything but just being present and enjoying yourself. I want my daughter to have as much opportunity to experience other places first hand.
  • I'm a crunchy, granola yoga mom. I recently became a certified yoga instructor for children and am working on teaching classes to children in my community. I can't imagine a life without being surrounded by children either at home or out in the world. 
  • Nature is my fuel. When I'm feeling drained, stressed or over-loaded, I go for a walk in a beautiful place and all is right again. I love being outdoors and photograph it at every opportunity. Before my daughter was born it was the main muse for all my photography. I strongly feel that if you ever question whether there is a higher power, just surround yourself by trees, plants, flowers and animals and look around for a minute. Your question will be answered. 
  • I love the simple things. I'm a bit of a homebody at times and am ridiculously happy just being surrounded by and doing things with my family. I don't need extravagant things (besides photography equipment. lol Everyone has their vices. ;) ), just give me good food, good friends, family and memories we can make together and I'll never ask for anything more. 

Well, that's all I've got for now! Thanks again for stopping by and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

xo, J