August Philadelphia Trip

We recently got back from a nice little week long getaway to the East Coast for a family wedding. We also got to fit in some fun family time exploring some of the cities around us. One of the cities I had really only driven through, but not had enough time to actually explore was Philly. I love history and obviously it's a perfect city for a history buff to visit, but it also looked really beautiful when driving through. 

I wish I would've been able to document a bit more of it, but I got a few shots of the main tourist areas, and attempted some shots from our bouncy, moving carriage ride. 

I finally feel like I am starting to embrace my wide-angle lens too which I've had for about a year now and never could really get into. I found out recently though that it's a great lens to travel with, so perhaps we will become better friends now. :)

Overall, this trip was a perfect way to round out our summer and a great break before the chaos (albeit fun chaos) of Fall begins.