Trip to the CNE | Toronto Photography

What's summer without a carnival?! Every year the end of summer is marked here in Toronto by the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) and last year was the first time we decided to see what it was all about. We decided to try and beat the crowds by going the opening day and as an added bonus it is half price. Even though we didn't ride any rides last year (because I was pregnant), or play any games (because they're so expensive!), we still had a great time! We ate some very-bad-for-you carnival food, enjoyed browsing through the craft/handmade tent and especially enjoyed checking out all merchandise at the world tents. 

This year was pretty much the same routine since Sofia is still small, but she seemed to really enjoy looking at the lights and all the people, and Hubby and I really enjoyed photographing them. I think we'll be making this a family tradition from now on. :)