What Makes a Good Prop? | Toronto Family Photographer

While I'm not the type of photographer who enjoys using props, I do enjoy and strive on capturing the most important and intimate details of my client's lives. I often like to know if there are any particularly special items that my clients might want to include in their shoot. Here are just a few examples of what I mean:

  • A favourite toy or stuffed animal that your child always plays with
  • A family heirloom handed down (such as engagement ring or clothing item)
  • A handmade gift of significant importance

In this post I thought I'd show an example of how I've incorporated the last one into my own personal family photos. 

In this series of images I've included a very special prop of my own...a quilt that my mom so kindly and carefully made for my daughter when she was born. This quilt is not just special in the sense that it was handmade by my mom, but that she made it by sewing together some pieces of my dad's old clothing with matching fabrics she picked out from the store. Since my dad passed away several years ago and my daughter has not had the chance to physically meet him here on earth, this was a particularly special and emotional gift that I knew I absolutely wanted to document in my photos of daughter. 

We usually hang the blanket from the side of her crib during the day, so one day while she was playing in her crib after getting dressed, I decided to snap a few shots as it was a great way to display the blanket.

These are the details that I want to remember forever, which is why it is always a question of mine to my clients whether or not they would like to include a special, sentimental item in their photographs. So, next time you are preparing to have a session done, take a moment to think about something special you might want to be frozen in time long after the item may be gone.