Shorter Summer Days | Toronto Family Photographer

Well, I have noticed lately as September creeps in, that the days have been getting a little shorter now. The sun is coming up a little later and setting a little earlier, which normally makes me a little sad to think about. However, there's always a silver lining and when the seasons hand you lemons, you must make lemonade. For me the silver lining is actually being able to see more sunrises and Sofia being awake during that eternally sought after time of day by photographers known as "golden hour". 

Just the other day she was playing in her room before bed and reading (as well as rearranging) books with her Daddy when the sunset stopped me in my tracks. I suppose it's also an added bonus living in a condo sometimes so there are no obstructions by us prohibiting that gorgeous, warm sunlight from pouring in through the windows.

So while it saddens me to know that shorter, cooler days are ahead, I will try and refer back to images like these that make my heart happy. Hopefully many more to come as the Fall unfolds.