Photography Weaknesses | Toronto Family Photographer

Let's face it, fellow photographers. There's always at least one thing that you absolutely cannot pass up the opportunity to capture when they occur. I have a few of those, but one of my major obsessions is sun flare. It's a common one to many, but it's eternally my weakness.

Every night when the sun starts to set I think that I'll give my family a break and just watch it with my eyes instead of my camera, but then light like this happens and I fall victim to trying to document it with my camera once again. Can you really blame me though?! I mean just look at that light! I think fellow photogs and non-photons alike can all agree golden hour provides some serious eye candy. 

And so the cycle continues, and I'm sure the story will repeat itself again tonight. I'm curious what subjects do you just have to photograph when you see them?