Fine Art School Portraits

What are fine art school portraits?

Fine art school portraits are a sophisticated, yet relaxed and fun take on a classic type of portrait. Gone are stiff and awkward poses that don't really capture the true essence of your child's personality. Children are naturally vivacious and joyful and I choose to focus on these attributes instead. No forced smiles, no unnatural images. We laugh, we are silly, and the environment is much more laid back which alternatively provides a timeless and genuine portrait that is uniquely your child.  


What services do you offer?

I offer a level of personal and professional service beyond that of what a large corporate operation may be able to with a more authentic end result. 

All equipment and personnel for photo day is provided by me. 

Detailed instruction of photo day and the ordering process is provided to parents.

Everything after photo day is done completely online. Each family is linked to a password protected online gallery from which they may order and download prints. Both colour and black and white images are provided and each gallery contains an average 3-5 images per child. 

Prints may be ordered a-la-carte as opposed to a package to better suit each family's individual needs and budget, unless otherwise requested by the school.

Prints are shipped directly to the family resulting in less work for the school.

All parent questions are handled through me.

Complimentary staff pictures are provided. 

High resolution digital images are given to the school for their own personal use (i.e.: yearbook, website, advertising, ID's, etc).

I am always willing to work with the school to provide any custom needs that may be required.


How many students can you accommodate?

I can accommodate as few or as many as needed. I am always ready to provide extra personnel as required and take on a variety of school sizes. I also work with children ranging in age from 1-18!


What are your prices? 

I offer competitive pricing and a-la-carte ordering to better suit everyone's needs. Nothing is due upfront and all profits are made through ordering. I also donate 10% of the income made back to the school!


What time of year do you offer school portraits?

I work with each school's schedule individually to suit their particular needs during the school year. 


What makes you unique and sets you apart from the rest?

Before building my photography business to a full-time gig, I was an Early Childhood Educator for 10 years! I've worked with ages ranging from 3 months-elementary age and everything in between. I've worked in traditional preschool/daycare settings as well as Montessori schools, and have experience working with children with special needs both professionally and through volunteer work. Children are my absolute passion and I strongly believe that working with them is my life's purpose.